Melbourne Australia and The Queen Victoria Market

I believe that we get to know a country and the culture from their gastronomy. I have the blessing to travel to different cities not only in Australia and New Zealand; all around the globe because of my work and that is what I will like to share with you.

When you enter in a local market, how the vendors try to sell all their products, that for months they are taking care in their farms, they presented in a way that you can not resist to buy or to eat.

Every day is more common to listen to people talking about their experiences of eating in local markets; as well now most of the shopping centers have available amazing “Food Courts” more oriented as a fresh market and fantastic for shopaholic and foodies. Farm to the Table concept, the vegans, increase in the vegetarians, are definitely a trend in some countries.

Recently I had the opportunity to cook for around 275 pure vegans, a full meat lover designing menus for vegans, and my right hand in that project was that a local market full of inspirations for cooks around the world.

Today I had the opportunity to visit with my Executive Sous chefs the Vic Market, but let me explain a little bit of that awesome place

Vic Market or Queen Vic is the largest open air market in the Southern Hemisphere.

And the most intact 19th century market in the city, I did not walk the entire market I has focus on food only.

The Queen Victoria Market is historically, architecturally and socially significant and has been listed on the Victorian Heritage Register. It has become an increasingly important tourist attraction in the city of Melbourne.

Today, the Market is a major Melbourne tourist destination. We even offer at work a tour to visit that location and are well accepted.

The Meat Hall, one of my favorites in the world, was constructed in 1869, remains largely intact and is the oldest of the original buildings.

When we walk through we notice that is extremely clean and the way of the displays is unique and fresh, not bad odors, even the set of knife that they use are amazing.

A lot of signs sell Female Pork, of course for an Indian and a Panamanian pork is pork, but knows, we just got the most fascinated lecture about the differences. After walking a little bit more, the Seafood section, I was speechless, I have a sever allergy to frozen seafood, been there was like been in paradise, I can smell, all that aromas, and for one of my chefs, was the opportunity to try his first oyster, what a magical moment.

We walk out to the fruits and the vegetables, not impress, I love La Boqueria in Barcelona, but was very fresh and complete, then the cheeses a cold cuts, I was back in heaven, they have a little shop for teas and dry herbs, what a beautiful spot. Walking, tasting, what a day.

The Market is open every day of the week except Mondays and Wednesdays.

It offers both local and international visitors a variety of fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry and seafood, gourmet and delicatessen foods as well as specialty delicacies.

For my surprise is not only food, it also has a large non-food related market, selling a diverse range of clothing, shoes, jewelry and handmade arts and crafts.

In few weeks I will be back in Melbourne unfortunately will be a Wednesday and Vic Market will not be open but I will visit one of the most visit areas for its culinary offers i will keep you posted!!!!!

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